Sunday, 3 May 2009

Going to start building again

I made the decision today it was time to start building dinghies again. I have had a few people asking for a dinghy for themselves, so I said I would start taking orders. I need gelcoat, layup resin and more chopped strand mat. I seem to have plenty of tissue cloth and polish.

So first task is to re polish the mould. Thats the hard, time consuming part of this job. The polish needs to be applied, then you wait before buffing up to a shine. I have tried a power buffer, but I prefer using my own hands. Thats why I say its hard work!

Will try and post some photos as I go through each stage of building the dinghy. I always intend to do this but I get so involved in the whole process I keep forgetting to stop and take a photo. I am determined to take photos this time!