Wednesday, 23 December 2009

A dinghy for Christmas!

Why not put a dinghy on your Christmas list? If you have been thinking of getting another dinghy for the coming season why not buy it for Christmas. Either treat yourself to your new tender or get the family to chip in some money each to buy the dinghy for you? Waking up on Christmas day to find a dinghy in the garden or if its an inflatable, under the tree, would be fantastic!

New dinghies are expensive so it need not necessarily be brand new. Buying second hand is quite acceptable for a Christmas present - especially an expensive one! So sow the seed with the family who are probably tearing their hair out trying to think of what to buy you for Christmas!

If you decide that a replacement dinghy is on the list, then why not visit my site at - to see what is listed right now on ebay for sale. If you are in America and reading this blog then visit - to find dinghies listed all over the USA.

I hope you get a dinghy for Christmas and enjoy using your new tender this coming season.