Saturday, 19 July 2008

Dinghy number 3 is nearing completion. I took a trip to my local marina today to place 2 adverts for boaters to see. The notice boards were pretty busy but with a little rearranging - the A2 size advert for the visiting circus - just had to go! Anyway hopefully some 'phone calls over the next few days will see the latest dinghy sold. I had sort of agreed to try and test out each dinghy in the local sea but dinghy number 2 was a bit of a rush, so that was the plan scuppered. Maybe if I have time this dinghy with get a try out with the family.

When I was at the marina I visited the chandlery to buy a pair of galvanised rowlocks for the dinghy. This has been my third pair from the chandlery. Very expensive - £ 8.80 for a pair of 3/8" rowlocks! I should really be more organised and buy them on ebay. The exact same pair of rowlocks are £ 3.00 a pair plus £ 1.50 postage. That is almost half the price of the local chandlery! Need to plan ahead in future.

In fact so much of the materials I need for building these dinghies could be purchased from ebay, I could be saving myself a fortune!

That reminds me click on my link to visit my website at where lots of gear and equipment can be seen and bought.

I will report back when dinghy number 3 is sold. No doubt it will not be a straight forward transaction, mine never are!

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