Thursday, 28 August 2008

More websites

I have taken a break from making the dinghies. Instead I've been busy making websites; lots of sites. Some are related to my main interest - boating. Others are sites that I will enjoy writing about on a regular basis and will add to my income, in some small or large way. So far there are 4 sites concerned with boating of some sort, and its USA equivalent,; which advertises used outboard motors; and my latest site -

The other websites such as, advertise several affiliate programs associated with ebay. In a departure from boating I thought my wife might like to get involved in building a website which interests her. So she chose, which tells you a lot! My youngest daughter, who is in her final year at university has also inspired me to change the focus of a previous website I had, selling ebooks. has shifted from advertising ebooks to featuring cheap business management textbooks. The site also has other textbooks advertised that students would find useful.

So you can see I have been busy these last few days and hope to tell you more about each of the websites as I add content etc to them.

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